San Francisco Railroad Landmarks

This page features landmarks within the city of San Francisco from the city's Railroad past.

Railroad Landmarks

State Belt Roundhouse
State Belt Barge Slip - Pier 43
State Belt Fort Mason Tunnel
Southern Pacific Railroad Headquarters Building
Southern Pacific Railroad Hospital
Geary Street Park and Ocean Railway Carbarn
Powel Street Railroad Station
Cable Car Power House (F&CHRy / Muni)
Cable Car Signal Tower
Santa Fe Railroad Barge Slip
Market Street Railway Substation
Market Street Railway Substation
Geneva Car Barn Office
MUNI Car Barn Office
Street Car Shelter
Bechtel Private Car - "WaaTeeKaa"
Caltrain (SP) Tower
Bayshore Roundhouse (Brisbane CA)

Railroad Ferries and Tug Boats

Southern Pacific Ferry "Santa Rosa"
Southern Pacific Ferry "Eureka"
Western Pacific Tug Boat "Hercules"


Site of the Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad

Photo - Where have all the tracks gone? Lonely flasher stands guard on Division Street - July 2009


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State Belt Railroad
1500 Sansome

Former Roundhouse, Sandhouse, and Office building of the State Belt Railroad now converted into a multi-use office building. Built 1918.

Photo 1991, note SBRR yard tracks are in place, now removed.

RR Barge Slip
State Belt Railroad
Pier 43

Railroad barge slip used by the State Belt.

Photo 2009.

State Belt Railroad
Under Ft Mason

Railroad tunnel used by the SBRR to access Fort Mason and the Persideo. Held for future street car extension use.
Tunnel was also featured in the "Dirty Harry" movie.

SP Headquarters
Southern Pacific Railroad
1 Market Street

Headquarters building for the Southern Pacific Railroad. Built 1916. Vacated 1998, after the 1996 merger with the UPRR. Converted into an office building.

SP Hospital
Southern Pacific Railroad
1400 Fell Street

Hospital building for the Southern Pacific Railroad. Built 1908. Closed 1968. Photo 2009.
Also used in the move D.O.A.

GSP&O Carbarn
Geary Street Park & Ocean RR
Geary & Arguello

Former car barn for the GSP&O RR.

Powell Street Railroad
7th & Fulton Street / Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park station for the Powell Street Railroad. Built 1889.

Cable Car Barn and Power House
1200 Mason Sreeet

Cable Car Museum, Card Barn and Power House for the three operating lines. Built 1887. Link to the Museum. Info on the F&CHRR.

Cable Car Signal Tower
California & Powell

Cable Car control for the crossing of the two cable lines. More INFO.

Rail Barge Slip
Santa Fe Railway (AT&SFRR)
Pier 52

Pier for rail barge used by the Santa Fe Railway. No longer in use.

Sub Station
Market Street Railway
1190 Fillmore Street

Market Street Railway sub station.

Car Barn
Geary & Presidio

MUNI Former Car Barn. Bus yard and office, photo 2009.

Car Barn Office
2301 San Jose Avenue

Car Barn main building, built 1901. Brick carbarn used to be located behind but was closed and demolished after earthquake damage.

Car Barn
Mariposa St & Hampshire St

Car Barn formerly used by streetcars, now used for trolley buses.

Street Car Shelter
MacArthur & Franklin St

Old streetcar shelter used to be serviced by the now gone H-Line.

Private Car
Bechtel Museum, 50 Beale Street

Representation of the private car used by the Bechtel family in the 1920s on large construction jobs. Restored "WaaTeeKaa" is a former C.St.P.M.&O. car and now houses the Bechtel Museum.

Townsend & 5th

Former SP Railroad commute yard operations tower. One of the few towers in the state still in use.

Southern Pacific Railroad
Bayshore Yard
Brisbane CA

One of the few remaining brick roundhouses in the state of California. San Francisco's own Roundhouse (Mission Bay) was torn down in the early 1960s. Bayshore Roundhouse suffered a severe fire in 2001.

Southern Pacific RR
Pier 3

Ferry Santa Rosa, built 1927.

Hyde Street Pier

The last intact wooden-hulled sidewheel steamer afloat in the continental U.S., Eureka is significant as an example of a type of steamer that led U.S. inland waterborne commerce into the industrial era.

Tug Boat
Hyde Street Pier

Constructed in 1907, Hercules broke many towing records, beginning with her maiden voyage through the Straits of Magellan towing her sister ship.

Site (Station)
Clay Street Hill Railway Terminal
Clay and Kearny Streets

Site of Eastern Terminus First Street Cars in World Propelled by Cable

Picture not available