San Francisco Railroad Activities

Here are nine railroad related activities that can be done in San Francisco - Enjoy!

  • Cable Car Ride
  • Visit the Cable Car Powerhouse and Museum
  • F-Line Vintage Streetcar Ride
  • Visit the Market Street Railway Museum
  • San Francisco Zoo Train Ride - Real Steam!
  • See San Francisco Railroad Landmarks
  • Caltrain Ride
  • BART Ride
  • Hike the Ferries & Cliff House Railroad Trail

Cable Car Ride

Ride the three different Cable Car lines. California Line is linear, but the lines are shorter. [More Info]

Cable Car Powerhouse and Museum

Visit the Powerhouse, view the cable drive system and also visit the museum with many old cars on display and other artifacts. Limited parking nearby, best to ride the cable car there (Powell lines) [More Info]

F-Line Vintage Streetcar Ride

Best deal in San Francisco, for the regular MUNI fare, ride the F-line on a variety of streetcars. In regular service are restored PCC cars with different liveries from systems that operated PCC cars, vintage Milano cars, vintage San Francisco or other cars from around the globe. Cars operate along Market and also up the Embarcadero to Fisherman's Wharf. [More Info]

Market Street Railway Museum

Visit the Market Street Railway Museunm located at the corner of Steuart & Don Chee Way (across from the Ferry Building). Free admission, great artifacts and a gift store too. [More Info]

San Francisco Zoo Train

Ride the Little Puffer at the San Francisco Zoo! Returned to operation in 1998, the Little Puffer is a 1904 Cagney 22" gauge live steam 4-4-0 locomotive that operated in the zoo from 1925 to 1978.

San Francisco Railroad Landmarks

San Francisco is filled with many landmarks from its Railroad past. For more information, visit this page on our website. Photo shows 1 Market Street - the former SP Headquarters.


Take a ride on Caltrain down the peninsula - see historic depots along the way including: Milbrae, San Carlos, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and San Jose. Operates seven days a week. [More Info]


Take a ride on BART - tunnels under San Francisco Bay close to the old ferry crossing path. This Rapid transit is broad gauge and was built in the early 1960s. [More Info]

Ferries & Cliff House Railroad Trail

Take a hike along the old F&CH railroad grade from the Cliff House (Sutro Heights) along the cliffs with views of the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge. Much of the route follows the steam line that the F&CH operated until 1905. The right of way was then converted to an electric streetcar line and operated until 1925. Constant land slides proved to be too much for the "cliff line" and it was removed. Original fare was only 5 cents. Trail starts at 48th & Point Lobos Avenue. Two cement retaining walls from the railroad are located along the route.